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Happy Homeowners

Marry Constantine, Caledonia
Entire basement renovation
At first I was skeptical, but Contracto delivered and I started getting interest in my project with 10 mins of posting my project! Easy to use and very effective!
Max Laverdiere, Hamilton
Laminate flooring
Takes no time to fill and they were very professional.
Jerry Alan, Hamilton
Home extension
Contracto took the guesswork out of the equation to find a quality contractor for our home extension. 5/5
Jason Peter, Niagara Falls
We've had bad experiences with contractors in the past, but those that we were put in contact with were all very professional. The project went without a problem!

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Receive quotes from our selected qualified contractors within hours and easily compare the different options.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Contracto is a platform that simplifies the selection process of finding a local contractor for various construction-related jobs by using a network of qualified professionals in your area.

To get in touch with the right professionals, you simply have to fill in the project submission form and you will start receiving quotes within a couple hours. Yes, it’s that simple.

Yes, the service is 100% FREE. No hidden fees, no strings attached, no gimmicks, no BS.

Contractors in our network are hand-picked. We screen each and every one of them to make sure that only the best are available to you.

We choose the right contractors based on your location, the job type and many other variables. Our goal is to get you in touch with the most qualified local professionals for the job.

Yes. We will only share your information with the chosen contractors, so that they can give you the best and most accurate quote possible. No other person or organization outside of Contracto has access to this information. Furthermore, all data transferred to and from this website is encrypted for maximum security. 

Once your project has been submitted, you will be greeted with a success page. You should then receive a confirmation email in the next 30 minutes. If you do not receive such email or experience any problem with our platform, please contact us directly, so we can help you out. 🙂

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